The seed of inception for Raida was sown a few years back in 2017 with an idea to make quality products and accessories available for the Indian car and bike enthusiast. Over the years we offered the Indian consumer a wide range of imported products. However a very important element felt missing from this equation. The fact that it was not our design or idea.

Hence the brand RAIDA was finally introduced with the concept of Make in India.

This helped us realize two very important elements which were missing in our equation:

  1.  An original in house concept and design.
  2.  To indigenously manufacture using the skill and artistry of Indian workers.

Initially providing economical high quality travel gear and accessories for cycling enthusiasts we realized that many of our customers were avid motorcycle enthusiasts too.  Thus, keeping in mind the tastes of our users we started developing products for motorcycles as well.

With our manufacturing experience and  suggestions provided by our riders the brand Raida came into being.

Keeping in mind the high standards set by international brands in biking gear our team is in a constant process of maintaining and enhancing the quality of our products. Rest assured our materials are made available to us through certified Indian vendors.

Our Motive:  To be a proud global leader in superior biking essentials that flaunt the Made in India tag . A process which has already begun as our products are being made available in stores across many countries.

“Raida” is a registered brand of SS retail


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