What is a refurbished product?

Refurbished products are items that have been returned due to some minor issues like size fit or minor defect which are then inspected, repaired, and then put back for sale.

Does the item include all the accessories?

Most refurbished items come with a full set of accessories, but it is a good idea to contact our customer support, and we will let you know if accessories are provided or missing.

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished product?

You can try out new products without an extremely high initial investment by shopping for refurbished things. You can try out different styles without spending a great deal of money on them if they do not work out for you.

How do you know if a refurbished product is in good condition?

Yes, the assessment procedure is thorough and comprehensive before a product is made available once again.

Does it come with a warranty?

Unfortunately, the product does not come with a warranty.

What if the size does not fit you?

If you would like a different size, we will happily send you a replacement. If we do not have your preferred size in stock, we will process a full refund without charge. We split the shipping, you pay to send it to us, and we’ll cover sending it back

Is it a smart decision?

By reducing waste, it is possible to decrease your expenses and benefit the environment at the same time.

Does the refurbished product come in its original package?

The packaging of refurbished products can vary depending on the product.

What is the return policy for products that have been refurbished?

The product can be returned within 24hrs, and we will provide you a refund once we receive the product back.

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