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One of the biggest downsides of motorcycles and bicycle is the lack of storage space.

Cars have trunks for storage and bikes, well, don’t. Whether you’re going for a long trip or just traveling to work, this lack of storage space can be a problem. You obviously require space for your phone, wallet, and other things. You could fit all these in the pockets of your motorcycle riding gear, but that would be uncomfortable.

And then there’s the question of your clothes and necessities when taking a long trip on your bike. There’s a very simple solution to this storage problem – saddlebags for motorcycle and bicycle.

Saddlebags are one of the most practical solutions to the storage problem for two very simple reasons. First, they’re going to cost much less than a car. Two, they are extremely easy to mount and remove.

Riders can use saddlebags for motorcycles by simply attaching a saddle bag on either side of the rear wheel. Saddlebags hang low without having any sort of effect on the center of gravity of your bike.

In fact, you’ll probably enjoy the added storage space and may end up never detaching the saddle bag.

This article will take you through the things that you should look for and consider when buying a saddle bag – whether it’s a saddle bag for Royal Enfield or a saddle bag for Honda.

What to Look for While Buying a Saddlebag for Motorcycle & Cycles Online?

  • Size, volume, and shape: There are different types of bikes out there – choppers, mountain bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes and many more. All these bikes obviously serve varied purposes and have distinct body structures. So it goes without saying that the same type of saddle bag may not be the best fit for every bike type. So make sure that the saddle bag you select, fits your motorcycle or bike properly. You can opt for a saddle bag that has a 5L volume or one that has 60L volume. Finding the right size of the bag will be the difference between a good and bad riding experience.
  • Saddlebag Material: Again, there’s a variety of options to choose from. You could have a leather saddle bag or a nylon one. You could even opt for a plastic saddle bag. Synthetic leather saddle bags are commonly preferred as they don’t lose their shape even with the passage of time. On the other hand, leather saddlebags are extremely stylish. So choose the material of saddle bag for bike based on what your requirement is.
  • Available mounting options: Primarily, there are two types of mounting options for saddle bags. There are strap-on saddlebags for bikes and there are bags that you can bolt to your bikes. Again, each offers different value. You could detach strap-on saddle bags and carry them around if you want. Each has its own scalability as per your stuff carrying needs. Choosing the right one will prove critical in future. There’s another advantage of saddlebags with brackets ­– the bags won’t lose their shape.
  • Rain Cover: There’s no point of having a sleek looking saddle bag for bikes if it isn’t practical. And being waterproof is one of the most important things to look for in a saddle bag. Any saddlebag you choose should be able to save the contents from water splashes or drizzles.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: This isn’t strictly about the saddlebags but you still need to consider this factor before locking in on one. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is like a weight limit for your vehicle set by the automaker. A bike’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is calculated by taking into account the base curb weight of your bike plus the weight of any other accessories. Your bike’s GVWR will help you determine if your bike can handle the weight of the saddle bag for the bike. If your vehicle isn’t designed to handle too much weight, the extra load can cause the sub-frame to crack.

Raida Gear Saddlebag for Motorcycle and Bicycles:

Raida Gear’s saddlebags for motorcycle and bicycles tick all these boxes. Raida Gear saddlebags for motorcycle have big zippered cargo compartments with easy-open handles which makes them practical and convenient without burning a hole in your wallet.

Raida Gear designs saddle bags for Royal Enfield Classic Series, Bullet Series, Bajaj Avenger, Pulsar 220F and 200NS, Hero Karizma, CBZ and many more. With a 48-liter capacity and a pillion seat cushion, Raida Gear’s G-Series saddlebag is the ideal storage solution when you’re taking off for a road trip.

Black saddlebag for motorcycle


Raida Gear hasn’t forgotten the bicycle enthusiasts.

They also offer strap-on saddle bags which are constructed with durable and reflective material, integrated taillight holder, full internal lining and internal key attachment clip and a shape that reduces air resistance.

These strap-on saddle bags also open widely for easier access and have internal mesh pockets and elastic straps for securing smaller items such as keys, iPod, emergency cash, Energy Bars, Cell Phone, and spare tubes among other things.

Picking a saddle bag for your bike is as much about preference as it is about practicality.

But we would still like to emphasize on checking the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating before taking the final decision. You wouldn’t want to spend a bomb on a saddle bag for Royal Enfield only to find that riding with the bag is impossible.

Word to the wise – never ever forget to check your bike’s GVWR.

Happy Biking!

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