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Importance of cycling short


Cycling is one of the most effective and preferred form of exercising. On the other hand, there are those who commit themselves to this activity solely out of love for it. It’s these cycling enthusiasts who will tell novices the importance of cycling shorts.

While loose-fitting clothes have the allure of being more comfortable and well, not body hugging, cycling shorts are far more convenient and protective in the long run.

In simple words, the importance of finding the best cycling shorts cannot be underestimated.

Here are the reasons why cycling shorts are beneficial for those who want to take up cycling long-term!

Importance of cycling shorts:

Cyclist in full cycle gears riding a cycle

Agreed that more often than not, cycling shorts are tight fitting and sometimes brightly colored.

However, these are the only drawbacks for the spandex shorts which have been proven to boost comfort and health while riding. Let’s dive into the reasons why cycling shorts are important:

  1. Flexibility: When cyclists are taking their bikes for a spin (whether long or short), it is important for the clothing to be stretchable in order to allow flexibility of movement. Most cycling shorts are made of polyester and spandex which makes them stretchable. Also, there is no excess fabric used in designing of the best cycling shorts which eliminates any movement restriction and instead enhances freedom of movement. Raidagears’ cycling shorts for ladies and men alike are composed of 82% polyester and 18% spandex for this very purpose.
  2. Perineal Protection: The ischium bone forms the lower and back part of the hip bone and the perineum is the area on the lower part of the pelvis. The ischial and perineum are the two bones in your body which receive most of the pressure while riding a bicycle. People who plan to take up cycling for prolonged periods of time can be more prone to ailments owing to pressure from a bicycle’s saddle. The best cycling shorts are designed with chamois to distribute pressure evenly and providing a cushion to the sit bones. This helps to maintain blood flow while also providing support to the sensitive tissues.
  3. Moisture Wicking and Skin Protection: Loose clothes may work for you as long as the weather is nice and the distance is short. However, they tend to bundle up around the pelvic, aren’t really suitable for hot weathers and ultimately lead to chaffing because of all the sweat. Cycling shorts are designed specifically to meet the needs of a cyclist. Although skin-tight, the synthetic fibers have wicking properties which means that they draw moisture away from the skin and dry quickly. This makes for the best kind of moisture management. Raidagears’ cycling shorts have flat-locked stitching which makes the cycling shorts seamless and anti-chafe even between the legs. This is yet another reason why Raidagears’ cycling shorts for girls and ladies are such a hit.
  4. Maximize Aerodynamics: Cycling shorts are close fitting and snug, making sure that everything is perfectly in place. The elastic grippers around the waist and thighs prevent the shorts from moving out of position which will prevent any sort of wardrobe malfunction and in turn increase the range of motion to the cyclist. Cycling shorts offer road riders enhanced aerodynamic performance. Raidagear’s cycling shorts have cycling pad (chamois) which act as a sponge cushion enhances performance and guarantees sitting comfort for men as well as women.
  5. Aids Muscles: Since riders are going to be on their bikes for long, they need clothing which will provide relief to their muscles. Cycling shorts for girls and boys have to be made in a way that allow muscle compression (much like the compression suits in other sports). These compressions not only absorb shocks, prevent injuries and help to stabilize the muscles, but also decrease the amount of muscular vibration thereby reducing fatigue. Furthermore, compression cycling shorts help to save energy and also correct posture.

Well, for a single piece of clothing, Raidagears’ cycling shorts do offer a wide variety of impressive benefits.

There are various kinds of shorts available in the market designed to cater to different needs – road riders, commuter shorts, cyclocross or trail riders. You can opt for cycling shorts for men, cycling shorts for ladies or even just go for gender neutral cycling shorts.

At the end of the day, the ultimate purpose of these cycling sports apparels is to improve your comfort while you’re out and about.

So, be sure to choose only the best cycling shorts which can provide you with all these qualities and more.

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