Essential motorcycle gears


One of the most important advice any professional rider could give out to a budding rider would be to invest in the best motorcycle riding gear available out there.

Why, you ask?

For a very simple reason. Whether you’re taking your bike for a quick spin in the city or taking off to tackle treacherous mountain roads – you never know when tragedy might strike.

Since motorbikes come without any cushion of protection unlike a car, it makes the rider more vulnerable and susceptible to have grievous consequences.

Having your motorcycle riding gear in place will soften the blow.

Now, before we get into the importance of motorcycle gears like riding jackets and helmets, here are two things you need to know:

  1. Motorcycle gear is essential: When wearing protective motorcycle gear, you are safeguarding and shielding yourself against not just debris but also sun exposure. In fact, reflective materials used for motorcycle jackets enhance your visibility to other motorists on a highway.
  2. Motorcycle riding gear is expensive: Quality riding gear designed to provide maximum comfort for a pleasant riding experience while ensuring safety will never come cheap. Since the motorcycle gear is what stands between you and life-altering injuries, you should factor the cost of motorcycle gear into your overall budget.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s jump into different types of motorcycle riding gears and their importance.

Importance of Motorcycle Gear

  1. Motorcycle Jackets: If you’re not properly equipped, you can very easily and very quickly become victim to everything from deep lacerations and road rash to permanent scarring and even loss of limbs. Motorcycle jackets made with heavy and thick materials like strong leather will ensure protection. Raidagears’ motorcycle jackets are made of 600D polyester textile, full mesh lining and moisture wicking material (in the collar) which make the riding jacket not just comfortable on hot summer days but also durable. Built with a high-density and thick memory foam back pad, Raidagears’ motorcycle jackets also come with a SAS-TEC armor for the shoulders and elbows. Yet another benefit of investing in these motorcycle jackets is that they come with removable, reversible and waterproof thermal liners and the world famous YKK zippers.
    Raida gears motorcycle jacket

  2. Helmets: It goes without saying – you CANNOT ride a bike without a helmet. Helmets are mandatory by law for any and every kind of rider. The importance of helmets for any rider is self-explanatory. Full faced helmets provide a 360 degree protection for your face, neck and head. It would be pointless to wear a motorcycle jacket but leave your entire face exposed. According to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), your helmet should comply with the BIS’ standards and have the ISI mark on the back of the helmet. If you’re buying an international crash helmet, you should look for DOT and SNELL ratings. Now, there are some things to keep in mind while purchasing a helmet. Firstly, the helmet should neither be too tight nor too lose. The helmet should have a snug fit around the cheeks. If it wobbles, it could probably come off during an accident and if it’s too tight, it could be suffocating. Another thing to remember is that your helmet needs to be stored safely. The eyeshade on your helmet should be scratch-free for complete visibility on the road. If there are too many scratches, you should get the visor changed.

  3. Riding gloves: Although a small part of your motorcycle riding gear, gloves shouldn’t be neglected. Riding gloves aren’t as necessary if you’re riding your bike around in the city. However, if you frequently take your bike out for longer rides, you need to protect your fingers and wrists as well. Not only are the bones fragile but also the skin could easily develop callouses. High-quality gloves are especially important for avid-riders thinking about going on a cross-country road trip on their bikes. Your gloves should have a strong protective layer, just like your riding jackets, while providing enough room for you to move your fingers easily. It’s even better if you have gloves suitable for all kinds of weathers and climates. Before buying a pair of gloves, put them on and check for the fit and straps for adjusting the fitting.
    Black riding leather gloves by raidagears

  4. Back protector: Last but not the least of your motorcycle riding gear is the back protector. Your spine needs protection too. While a foam pad motorcycle jacket helps, it is not the best cushion for the internal organs. In case of an accident, a back protector will absorb any residual energy from the impact and prevent damage to your ribs as well as your spine. Just like the motorcycle jackets and gloves and helmets, the back protector also has to be of the correct size. A protector too small will leave your vulnerable lumbar region exposed and a bigger one would not sit comfortably under your motorcycling riding gear. Back protectors are better if they’re custom made for you.
    Raidagears SAS TEC back protector

People often buy the motorcycle riding gears which ‘look-good’. Your physical well-being is not something that should be taken lightly.

So, always remember to invest in the only the best quality motorcycle riding gear.

Also, you don’t always have to put on the entire gear every time you take your bike out but never, EVER forget your helmet.

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